Manukau, Auckland

What you need to know


For the award of this licence, you must be aged 16 and above. You will need to undergo an eye check to ensure your sight is up to par and pass a theory test. After you get your restricted licence, you are legally allowed to drive provided you adhere to certain conditions. These conditions are: You must be in the company of a supervisor every time you are driving.You can only have passengers on board with permission from your supervisor.‘L’ plates must be displayed at the rear and front of your vehicle anytime you are behind the wheel. The licence is valid for five years. If this licence expires before you move on to the next step, the NZTA requires you to sit for another theory test before they renew your learner licence.


The minimum age at which you can acquire this licence is sixteen and a half years. This is because you need to have held your learner licence for a period of not less than six months. For this step, you are required to take a practical test in order to get the corresponding licence. Once awarded, the restricted licence will reduce the number of restrictions imposed on learners but will still have a few of its own. The restrictions are: You can only drive between the hours of 5am and 10pm after which you are required to have a supervisor accompanying you.You’re only allowed to drive the type of vehicle you sat your test in. If it was an automatic, then you’re only allowed to drive an automatic unless you are in the company of your supervisor.Passengers are not allowed unless a supervisor accompanies you.Spouses, parents and people to whom you are the primary caregiver are exempted. This licence is also valid for five years. If it expires before you move to the next step, a theory test will be administered before it’s renewed.


FULL LICENCE For drivers aged below 25 years, you will have to be above 18 years of age and have had your restricted licence for at least 18 months to be eligible for the full driving licence. Drivers aged over 25 years are only required to have held theirs for at least 6 months. This period will be slashed by half if you have an advanced driving course certificate to 12 and 3 months respectively. The full licence is the final step and will eliminate all driving restrictions imposed before. It also allows you to drive both automatic and manual vehicles regardless of the vehicle you sat your practical test in.