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You must be aged 16 and above. You will need to undergo an eye check and pass a theory test with 35 questions to pass you must get 32 correct. You are legally allowed to drive provided you adhere to certain conditions. These conditions are: You must be in the company of a supervisor every time you are driving.You can only have passengers on board with permission from your supervisor.‘L’ plates must be displayed at the rear and front of your vehicle anytime you are behind the wheel. The licence is valid for five years. If this licence expires before you move on to the next step, the NZTA requires you to sit for another theory test before they renew your learner licence.

What you’re allowed to do

The law is very clear about what you can and can’t do on a learner licence. Here are the main points to help keep you safe and legal.

  • You must have your learner licence with you whenever you are driving
  • You must have a driving Instructor or supervisor (who has held a full licence for at least two years), in the front passenger seat
  • You must display L plates
  • You can only carry passengers if the supervisor, who is with you, agrees it’s OK
  • The supervisor is responsible for everyone in the vehicle and for what happens when you’re driving, so they must be fully awake, fully attentive and sober
  • If you are under 20 years of age, there is a zero alcohol limit. That means if you drive after drinking alcohol you can be charged with drink driving, which could result in losing your licence
  • If you’re 20 or older, you must be within the adult alcohol limit